Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame – Grant Application

General Guidelines:

Type of Organizations that BASHOF will support:
Although each applicant will be considered on their own merits – in general we are looking to support
organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Organizations that serve “at-risk youth” in “underserved communities”.
  • Organizations that rely primarily on community support.
  • Organizations that charge no fees or minimal fees to the youth that they serve.

Type of Funding that BASHOF will provide:
BASHOF will fund two types of grants:

  1. Requests for tangible sports equipment that directly relate to youth playing sports including uniforms.
  2. Requests to be a sponsor of an event the requesting organization is undertaking. In general BASHOF would desire to be the “lead” sponsor and must be assured that the majority of the funds will support the youth served by the organization.


  • Complete the application form below.
  • In addition to the application form you should submit to BASHOF
    1. Proof of your Federal Exempt Status
    2. List of Officers and Board of Directors
    3. Financial Statements for the most recent fiscal year ended.
    4. Budgeted Financial statements for the current year.
  • Once completed you can submit the application and other documents in one of three ways:
    1. By email to:
    2. By Fax: 1888-809-1435
    3. By Mail to: BASHOF, 465 California St, Suite 806, SF, Ca 94104

Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame – Grant Application

    Do you charge fees to the Youth using your programs?:

    Sources of your funding:

    NOTE: Above should total 100%.

    Income Level of the Families of Youth Served (Indicate a percentage of each):

    NOTE: Above should total 100%.

    Is this request for sports equipment or event sponsorship?:

    ====== If For Sports Equipment ======

    ====== If For Event Sponsorship ======