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What Kids & Their Organizations Have to Say…

"We hiked up Mt. St. Helena. Wow, was it a long way up!
We were pooped when we got to the top, but now
I know how it feels to be on top of the world."

~Tony, Hanna Boys Center

Hann Boys Center athlete"I would like to thank the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame for providing Hanna with the opportunity to purchase new uniforms for our team. Many times team sports is the most effective way to teach teamwork to youngsters who have lived the majority of their lives feeling isolated and exhibited anti-social behavior due to their dysfunctional environment at home. It is easy for children to grasp the benefits gained when a group works as a cohesive team during a game of basketball. Next season, our team will take the floor as returning champions of the league. Due to your generous grant and the new uniforms, I am proud to announce that they will also look like champions."

~Coach Courtney Jackson, Hanna Boys Center

"Good thing we got shoes because I love to run."

~Myrisha, Girls on the Run

“Thank you for the generous BASHOF donation to Girls on the Run of the Bay Area in the amount of $2,500 to purchase new running shoes for the girls in our program this fall. Your continued commitment and contribution will help provide girls in the Bay Area with proper running shoes that will help them achieve their individual fitness goals. Thank you for giving these girls a chance to experience the joy of running and to develop self-respect and healthy living habits that will last a lifetime.”

~Susan Roberts, Executive Director, Girls on the Run

"Sports have motivated me to do well in school,
and they have kept me healthy my whole life."

~Steven, George Washington High School

Check Presentation"Now in our tenth year at Gateway High School we are thriving. We attribute a large piece of our success to the support of funders like you who believe in quality public education for a wide range of learners. Please know that your generosity is helping to educate students who might not otherwise receive the attention and guidance they need to develop as confidant, capable young adults. You make the magic happen!"

~Sharon Olken, Principal

"Baseball helped me learn to cope with failure. After I gave up 15 runs
to Lowell I came back and won the next two games against them, and I
learned to pick myself up. Baseball has taught me that even if
I make a mistake, I can always redeem myself if I just keep trying."

~Gabe, George Washington High School

team of kids“What a wonderful gift it was to receive the grant of $2,500 from the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame! The money will help us pay for much needed physical education equipment for our students. It is through the efforts and generosity of wonderful organizations like yours that schools are able to add the extras that benefit our students’ education. On behalf of Good Shepherd School, please extend my sincere thanks to the Board of Directors at the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame.” 

~Patricia Volan, Principal

"Thank you for your support of Kipp Bayview Academy. Your donation
will help us as we study our way to high school and to college."

~Artishu, Kipp Bayview Academy's Class of 2014

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