The criteria for an athlete to be nominated in the Hall of Fame are as follows:
Roger Craig Plaque
Nominees must be "on the field performers" (i.e., coach, manager, player).
Nominees must have been born or raised in one of the nine Bay Area counties and achieved their national or international fame in the Bay Area or elsewhere, or
Came to the Bay Area in their "formative years" (i.e., as a youth, high school or college student, or as a rookie with a professional team) and achieved fame in the Bay Area, and
Nominees must be one who has made an extraordinary impact on the sports history of the Bay Area and gained national fame, or
Nominees must be a member of the nominees national hall of fame of the nominees sport, or
Nominees must be selected and participated in a minimum of three all-star games of their nationwide league, or
Nominees must be selected on the all-star team (first team) of their sport by a national media sports organization, or
Nominees must be named most valuable player of their nationwide league a minimum of one year, or
Nominees must be a member of the U.S. Olympic Games Team and have won a minimum of one individual gold medal, or
Nominees who have won an individual national championship in their respective sport a minimum of one time, or
Nominees must be a national or world record holder in their respective sport one time, or
Nominees must be the head coach or field manager of a team that won a minimum of one national or world championship.
Nominees age 60 and under must be retired from their sport for at least two years (with the exception of those athletes participating in senior class events).
NOTE: Nominees over age 60 are not subject to this eligibility rule and may be nominated whether or not they are retired from their sport.
NOTE: Selection or election to a Bay Area high school, college, pro or amateur team's MVP award or another team award does not qualify the athlete for nomination to the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame.
Ballot Nomination Process
Nominees must meet the criteria outlined above. In submitting your nominations, please include a 50- word description of each nominee’s accomplishments. Send nominations to: Ballot Nominations Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame 201 Spear Street, Suite 1150, San Francisco, CA 94105 or email
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